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What's Your IVF Protocol?

When you undergo in vitro fertilization (IVF), your fertility doctor wants to maximize your chances of producing a good number of high quality eggs for fertilization in the lab. To help your body pump up the ovaries and create enough follicles and eggs, your doctor prescribes an IVF protocol with ovarian stimulation medications. Without these fertility drugs, the ovaries typically make and release only one egg per menstrual cycle.

IVF is an art, and while there are three commonly used IVF protocols used for ovarian stimulation, your fertility doctor will choose one based on your medical history and fertility tests. Ovarian stimulation is complex, and many factors are involved that can have an impact on the outcome. Your fertility doctor will select the medication protocol and dosing regimen and monitor your progress so medication doses can be adjusted.

For more information on IVF stimulation protocols, read the following:

And watch these videos:

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