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When the Stars Freeze Their Eggs

Sofia Vergara is in the news with her comments during an interview with InStyle magazine about having a baby with her boyfriend Nick Loeb at some point in the future. The "Modern Family" star — the mother of a grown son — turns 40 in July and is considering all her options, such as freezing her eggs.

It's great that Vergara is talking publicly and bringing more attention to egg freezing, which is now a becoming a viable option for young women to preserve their fertility when childbearing is delayed for medical or social reasons. But the fact is, anyone considering egg freezing should really start considering it in their early 30s, not their late 30s. Fertility doctors say the best outcomes are for women who are younger than 35.

Now, of course, we know there are plenty of women who get pregnant in their 40s — naturally and via in vitro fertilization (IVF). But statistics don't lie. A woman's fertility takes a sharp nosedive after 40, and her chances of getting pregnant naturally are only around 5 percent each month.

For our advice to Sofia Vergara, read Dear Sofia Vergara ... So You're Thinking about Freezing Your Eggs.

And for more information on egg freezing, read Egg Freezing: Should It Be on the To-Do List for 2012?

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