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Will and Kate — One Year Later

The Royal Couple Will and Kate quietly celebrated their one-year anniversary on April 29. This milestone has only ramped up the speculation on when a little royal heir is going to be born.

If you have followed the news and blogosphere over the last year, baby bump speculation began on the couple's honeymoon when there was a "special order" for Brussels sprouts, which purportedly boost fertility. Over the past year, there were reports of Will and Kate being pregnant, but it was a false alarm; Kate being pregnant with twins; Will and Kate adopting; Kate having a miscarriage; and Kate's anorexia triggering a miscarriage. None of these reports have been confirmed.

You'd think we were still living during King Henry VIII's reign with so much scrutiny on when an heir to the throne will be born!

Let's give the happy couple a break. They have only been married a year. Kate is only 30. And many say they will not draw attention away from the Queen's Diamond Jubilee with a pregnancy announcement. If the tabloids will quit crying "Pregnancy," it will make a real pregnancy announcement so much more exciting!

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