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World Kindness Week and Infertility: How You Can Make a Difference

Do you remember back in fourth grade when your teachers would reward you for “committing a random act of kindness”?

These days, you probably won’t be given you a certificate or scented eraser, but you will be rewarded with heartwarming sense gratitude from the recipient of your kindness.

World Kindness Day is November 13th, but you can celebrate World Kindness Week for 6 more days! From November 13-20th you have the chance to show someone you care about them, especially if they are in the throes of infertility. So put aside your differences, do nice things for the ones you love, and consider not yelling at your significant other in a Clomid-induced fit of rage.

World Kindness Week is a worldwide movement to spread compassion and overlook differences. Here are some random acts of kindness to help a friend cope and ease the pain of infertility, no matter where you are:

  • Send a thoughtful email to a friend in the throes of infertility treatment
  • Take your significant other to dinner and a movie. Bonus: this gets your mind off of fertility treatment for a while.
  • Bake cookies or buy flowers for a friend who recently suffered a miscarriage.
  • Make a voucher to give to a good friend with infertility: This voucher is good for one companion to your next morning monitoring appointment.
  • Give your partner a box of chocolate with walnuts. Studies show they can improve sperm health.
  • Give your partner a massage. Stress isn't good for your health or your fertility.
  • Don't forget to be kind to yourself. Take a hot bath, read a book, or listen to music.

All too often, infertility makes us forget the things that used to bring us joy. We become sad, angry, bitter individuals- who could blame us?

Infertility consumes us, but this week, turn the negative into positive energy!

Come share your ideas for celebrating World Kindness Week at, by clicking here.

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