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Your Fertility Matters

Dania Sander is focused on Fertility Coaching with Your Fertility Matters, Coaching on the Path to Parenthood, and offers her clients powerful coaching tools to help them transform their thinking about their relationship with fertility. They see and own how they walk on the path to parenthood and Dania supports them as they create new possibilities in their journey.

Dania’s ability to listen and create a safe environment for change helps her clients achieve their goals in a positive and inspiring environment. Dania’s main goal as a coach is to help people identify their strengths and recognize the habits that need to change in order to facilitate positive change in their lives.

Some of her accomplishments in working with both public and private sector clients include:

  • Creator of the coaching program “Navigating the Path to Parenthood.” Ms. Sander focuses on unleashing the unique potential of individuals who are on the journey to parenthood and are faced with the challenges of infertility.
  • Dania Sander constructed her successful fertility coaching blog. Its mission is to support intended parents on the path to parenthood, find hope, inspiration and powerful tools as they navigate their journey.
  • Dania Sander is currently working on her first book titled “The Gifts of Infertility”
  • Dania Sander is currently serves on the board of directors of Synergy Youth Empowerment
  • Dania Sander relocated to the USA from Israel in 1999 and her vision is to share her powerful coaching skills in both countries and create powerful transformation, unity and peace in all levels.


A blog by Dania Sander, August 25, 2014

This morning I am thinking about possibilities on the path to parenthood. There are times where we feel that we maxed all our options and there for we loose hope.

I wanted to take some time to share from my own experience and give some insight into a subject that isn’t often talked about and might seem very overwhelming: Having a baby via gestational carrier.

A blog by Dania Sander, July 7, 2014

So we hear the word "infertility" and what do we think? What happens to women and men who are faced with infertility on the path to parenthood when they hear this word?

For me and many that I speak with, the word infertility brings to mind thoughts about being broken, not good enough and a whole list of emotions that are attached to it.

A blog by Dania Sander, May 28, 2014

The journey to conception is usually very intimate and private, but when dealing with infertility we often lose the intimate part of the journey (or at least how we had intimacy set out to be in our minds) and most of the times we choose to keep the privacy around it.

I remember my clear choice to stay quiet for a long time about many aspects of my infertility journey. It was due to fear, shame, stress or just the choice to protect myself from the need to share that another cycle didn’t create a pregnancy and all the emotions that came with that.

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I am taking provera so, that I can have a regular period. And my husband and I want a child.

Hi Michelle, How long have you been taking the Provera? Have you been getting a period with the medication? You might also want to use Ovulation Prediction Kits (OPKs) to determine if you are ovulating. If you are not ovulating, you should see a fertility doctor-- give us a call at 1-855-955-BABY (2229) or email Best, Kim

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