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Fertility Drug Discounts

Three major fertility drug companies — EMD Serono, Ferring Pharmaceuticals, and Merck — offer special programs that lessen the cost of many of the most common medications used in fertility treatments today.

Discounts on Gonal-F

A call to EMD Serono’s Fertility Lifelines (866-LETS-TRY or gives you access to a Benefits Coordinator who can provide you with more information about affording treatment. Their special medication savings program called FertilityAssist 2 allows health care providers to enroll their cash-paying patients for discounts on Gonal-F. By simply placing a sticker on the Gonal-F order and filling the prescription though the online specialty pharmacy Freedom Fertility Pharmacy, patients receive savings on their first cycle. If you need a second cycle of Gonal-F, you can save another $250 to $500 depending on the amount of Gonal-F needed. Additionally, EMD Serono offers the Compassionate Care program which allows some patients with no insurance coverage and documented medical and financial need to receive EMD Serono medications free of charge.

Savings on Bravelle and Menopur

Ferring Fertility offers the HEART Program (which stands for Helping Expand Access to Reproductive Therapy). This program is specifically designed for patients who do not have insurance coverage or benefits for fertility medications and covers medications like Bravelle and Menopur. If you are interested in this program, ask your health care provider for a HEART Rx Initiative brochure or contact Ferring directly at or 888-FERRING. To receive your discount, you will need to fill your prescription at a participating pharmacy (for a pharmacy near you, click here). Although it costs $10 for a one-year HEART Program membership, you can save $18 on every vial of Bravelle (up to 100 vials) and up to $3 on every vial of Menopur (up to 100 vials). This can result in a total savings of $2,100.


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hi there. in throes of 1st round ivf. need menopur and various for early next week. late start sourcing best price after realising clinic's high premium. price aside, wondering about options of larger doses(i.e. 600 or 1200iu vs. multiple lots of 75iu) that are available via clinic but don't seem to be available via outside sources. the thought of all of that mixing seems daunting! kindest thanks. jenna

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