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Fertility Treatment Costs

A variety of consultations, tests, medications, and procedures are involved in the diagnosis and treatment of infertility. These tests and treatments can be expensive, and health insurance plans offer varying degrees of coverage, if they offer coverage at all. Know what the average fertility treatment costs are, so you can plan accordingly.

Average Fertility Treatment Costs

While fertility treatment costs vary by clinic and are subject to change, the following offers some average prices on several typical treatments to give users an idea of what lies ahead. Some of these estimates were obtained by the American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM) in a survey of over 30 clinics across the country. Others were obtained by our own research.

  • The average cost of an intrauterine insemination (IUI) cycle: $865; Median Cost: $350. Note: prices range from $2,000-$2,500 when ovulation induction, medications and screenings are included.
  • The average cost of an in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle using fresh embryos (not including medications): $8,158; Median Cost: $7,500 Note: Medications for IVF are $3,000-$5,000 per fresh cycle on average.
  • The average additional cost of an intracytoplasmic sperm injection (ICSI) procedure:$1,544; Median Cost: $1,500
  • The average additional cost of a preimplantation genetic diagnosis (PGD) procedure: $3,550; Median Cost: $3,200
  • The average additional cost of a donor egg: $12,000 plus medications for the egg donor which can range from $2,000-$3,000.
  • The average cost for clomiphene citrate (Clomid): $10 per pill or $50 per month.
  • The cost of embryo cryopreservation: $700-$900, and storage can cost $600-$1000 per year.

Interesting trends surfaced during the research process. In geographic areas with few clinics, prices, on average, were higher. Also, higher fertility treatment costs were not associated with geographical areas with higher costs of living.

Ask Questions

Since pricing tables supplied by clinics often don’t include all potential fertility treatment costs you might incur, it is important to ask some additional questions:

  • What pre-cycle screening tests are required and what are their costs?
  • Will you be required to pay in advance, and what methods of payment are acceptable?
  • What are the costs of different treatment procedures and medications?
  • Will the clinic submit any bills to your insurance company if applicable?
  • What payment is expected if the treatment cycle is canceled before egg retrieval?
  • What costs are involved with embryo freezing and storage?

If cost is a factor, as it is for many, make sure to ask for a detailed list of procedures, medications and associated fertility treatment costs to become educated about the financial demands that treatment brings.


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Comments (25)

My name is Ana since I get married my dream is to have a baby, to have a big family but I had a lot of problems, like endometriosis, fibromas, etc. I had to do surgeries. Now I am fine. IVF treatment is very expensive only a miracle has to happen to accomplish my dream.

My name is brittini I am 21 and married to a wonderful man! We want to have a baby but I have had some issues. I don't have periods so it causes quite a problem. We got pregnant once by pure magic and we found out it was twins and I lost them at 6 weeks... I did have 3 periods after the miscarriage but yet to have anymore and I would love for some help if anyone has any. All I have ever wanted to be was a wife and mother... And I feel like apart of me is missing thanks

iam married for past seven years i had ecoptic pregancy operation and i had the other tube clear for past two years back still iam not pregant mt periods are clear

Hi - If you have been trying to get pregnant for more than a year, you should see a fertility doctor, who can do a fertility workup and determine why you're not getting pregnant. You can search for a fertility doctor on Click on this link to find a fertility doctor near you.


I'm a 37 year woman, i just wanted to ask how can i get help to have a baby,i'm so desprit to be come a mother again. i had tubal legation 9 years ago the reason y i did it is because my ex used to hit me n treated me bad, i had a wonderful guy that he really loves me n treats me good n respect me,he had never had kids i have 4 with my first marriage. please give me in advice are what should i do,because i had find out that it is so expensive to get pregnant w a Vito fertilization

I have been tring to have a baby for the past 3yrs now i got my tubes tied in 2001 in thought about having a reversal but the cost is very high. me in dh dont have kids together i have 3 boys with someone else. i will do anything to have a child with my husband. If there is any body out there that can help me please email me i'm will to help someone out that can't have kids i will gv my eggs for the cost of the tubal reversal

I am 43yrs old and want to have a baby. I was told that at my age it would be close to impossible for me to concieve naturally. My husband had a vasectomy before we even met 20 yrs ago. We have looked into alternative ways to get pregnant, but can't afford them. Recently I have been looking into embryo donation, but again it is looking to expensive. Any help out there?

I have had two sucessfull pregnancies using just clomid, gonal f and another injectable. Hubby and I want another baby but since our insurance has changed we are no longer covered for these fertility drugs or for that matter anything to do with fertility help. Hubby found a place online that you can order clomid with out a script from a doctor.... Is this safe?

I have a little girl who is three now and me and my loving husband have been trying to have another since she was a month old. I am not sure why i have yet to get pregant we have tried suggested postions and diet changes and ovulation cycles. no luck i want more then one child i know it sounds greedy but i want my child to grow up with a sibling. I am sorry for those who can have one and here iam wanting more. Iam greatful for my daughter and she is my life but i fell imcomplete without another child. I have had miscarriages and false tests and tubual preganicies i fell as thought my chances are closing and i am onle 24 years old, but we are great parents. I could use advice.

Hi, my name is Marge. I have had a history of fibroids. I don't have children. I am 47 and have had 2 Myomectomies already. Yet again, I am having fibroid problems. Apparently its genetic. My mom had them and my aunts too. They seem to grow back every 7 years. This time my issue is pelvic pain during intercourse. I also suffer from High Blood Pressure. I have had a dilemma for quite sometime now re: having a child too. I have been off the pill since Aug and have yet to become pregnant. Last year my GYN said start trying on your own, but also go to a fertility doctor to see what they say. My uteris is clear of fibroids but they are above the pelvis area that is where I have the pain. I know it is late in life to try to have a child but Im hoping to get some answers or advise from someone.

Hi Marge - Your gynecologist is right. If you do want to have a baby, you should see a fertility doctor - also known as a reproductive endocrinologist. There's a search on every page of to help you get started. Unfortunately, age is tied very closely to fertility, and your treatment options will be limited, but a fertility doctor is your best bet for information.

Good luck,

Hi, my name is Darline and i am married to the greatest man in the world. We have been trying to concieve for almost 5 yrs, i have taken fertility drugs and nothing has worked.we found out about 8 months ago that my tubes were blocked and i had to have surgery to clear them. My Dr. has given me the number to a specialist. i know that we will never be able to pay the price for IVF. If anyone could help me i would like to know if there are any other options out there. thank you

Hi, my name is sarsha and I'm going though the same thing I had the surgery and now I'm ready to go and find a good Dr to have a baby I hope to find a good price good luck.

Ive been trying to conceive now for 4 and a half years, and havent had any luck. Ive had 2 false positive pregnancy tests in that time where i got really excited only to find out there wasnt anything there. I dont want to give up hope, but it doesnt look good for me. Ive thought about adopting a child, but dont know where to start or the prices of it. Ive always wanted a little girl or boy, and growing up i was always told id be a great mother one day. I currently work 2 full jobs, live in an apartment, im not married, and im still waiting for gods greatest gift. Can anyone help me find a solution to my problem?

if someone with no job have 8 babies were do i go and get help to have one the prices are so high i need help if any one have the answer write me back?????

I wish that my dreams will come true but it wont because i cant babies because I had a no choice but to have surgery so part of my insides are gone but We really want baby so much .So i hope that i can find someone to help us . We want to parents so bad .


According to this interview with a doctor in Chicago, it costs about $4,000.
Of course, doctors' prices differ. I've seen it listed at $2,500. . .

Steep . . but then again . . .

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