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Louisiana Infertility Insurance Mandate

There are 5 states that currently have infertility insurance mandates in place that require insurance plans to offer coverage for fertility treatments or IVF costs, or to actually provide that coverage. The state of Louisiana has a fertility treatment insurance law in place that requires coverage for conditions that result in infertility.

Louisiana law on infertility insurance can be found in Chapter 22:1036 of the Louisiana Insurance Code, which became effective in 2009. According to this law, health insurance plans cannot exclude coverage for the diagnosis and treatment of a correctable medical condition, solely because that condition results in infertility.

The Louisiana fertility treatment insurance law states that insurance plans cannot exclude coverage for correctable medical conditions that result in infertility, but it also provides a substantial list of fertility treatments or procedures that are not required to be covered.

The following fertility treatments and procedures are not required to be covered under Louisiana insurance law:

  • Fertility drugs
  • In vitro fertilization (IVF) or any other assisted reproduction procedures
  • Reversals for tubal ligations, vasectomies, or any other method of sterilization
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Comments (9)

My understanding is that having pcos can cause heart disease infertility depression weight gain etc can I get any help from blue cross blue shield to cover infertility experiences

I have Turner syndrome, a genetic condition that causes the eggs to be depleted.My husband an I desperately want a baby. Two fertility specialist have told us that we would need to do invitro with an egg donor. we are both employed by Wal Mart and have insurance through them that does not cover invitro. Is there any financial help available that does not involve taking out yet another loan which we won't be able to afford to pay back?

I live in Louisiana and have health insurance but it doesn't cover fertility. In this article it says that insurance cannot exclude coverage of diagnosis & treatment of a medical condition solely bc it results in infertility. I have blocked tubes which is resulting in infertility, so I get from this article that my insurance should cover the procedure to unblock my tubes. Right?

Hi CC,

Your insurance might cover the surgery to clear your blocked tubes. However, it does not cause any other health complications other than infertility, so it is tough to say. You would have to ask the insurance company directly.


You'll have to check with theinsurance providers - and then it may vary by the company that holds the policy. Your local may have additional information. Best, Claire

I live in Louisiana and have insurance through my job. Which does not cover fertility treatments. What insurance is available in Louisiana that will cover fertility treatments like ivf and iui? Thinking about switching insurances

Hi Dana, It sounds like IVF would be your best option to conceive. If you are looking to connect with a fertility doctor in your area, give us a call at 1-855-955-BABY (2229). We can help you connect with a trusted doctor near you! Best, Kim

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