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West Virginia Infertility Insurance Mandate

Currently, there are only 15 states that have laws in place that require insurance plans to either offer coverage or provide coverage for fertility treatments and IVF costs. West Virginia has an infertility insurance mandate in place, though its guidelines for covered fertility treatments and services remain undefined.

The West Virginia infertility insurance law was enacted in 1977. The infertility insurance mandate can be found in Chapter 33 of the West Virginia Code. According to this law, health care maintenance organizations (HMOs), are required to provide coverage for “basic health care services,” which include the broad category of “infertility services.”

Unlike many of the other state laws on fertility treatment insurance, the West Virginia infertility insurance mandate does not define infertility, nor does it clarify which fertility treatments or fertility tests would be covered.

The West Virginia infertility insurance mandate also does not specify whether IVF costs would be covered.

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