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In Vitro Sciences Financial Share Program

In Vitro Sciences offers an IVF Financial Share Program in which patients will pay an upfront fee for IVF costs, but will receive a refund if the IVF cycles are not successful. This refund program is available at In Vitro Science's Centers of Excellence across the country. Fertility centers are chosen as a Center of Excellence based on the fertility center's experience level or volume, live birth rate, and triplet or higher birth rate.

Refund Guarantee

With the In Vitro Sciences IVF Financial Share Program, you can try up to six attempts of IVF, including three fresh cycles of IVF and three frozen embryo transfers. The frozen embryos must be a result from your fresh IVF cycles. If these attempts are not successful, you are eligible to receive a refund of up to 70% of the IVF cost.


The cost of the In Vitro Sciences IVF refund program depends upon your age and whether you will be using donated eggs. However, the IVF Financial Share Program averages around $20,000 to $30,000.


The In Vitro Sciences IVF Financial Share Program includes ICSI and assisted hatching, if necessary. It does not include normal IVF prescreening tests, medication, non IVF-related surgeries, cost of donor sperm, anesthesia services, monitoring blood work, and storage of excess embryos.

Patient Criteria

Your medical history must make you an appropriate candidate for IVF. If you are using your own eggs, you must complete all of the fresh IVF cycles before you reach your 38th birthday. Additionally, your infertility and medical history will be reviewed. Acceptance is decided upon at the discretion of In Vitro Sciences.

Acceptance Rate

Acceptance is decided upon at the discretion of In Vitro Sciences, based upon individual medical records.

Success Rate

In Vitro Sciences estimates that 80 percent of women in the IVF Financial Share Program will give birth.

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HI I would like to hear about your program. And will be getting either a loan, or saving up for sure. please contact me Angela Bouet.

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