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Low-Cost IVF Options

If you’re concerned about IVF costs, then you may want to explore low-cost IVF alternatives. Many clinics now offer less expensive IVF options, including micro-IVF (also known as mini-IVF, low- or no-stim IVF, and eco-IVF) as well as natural cycle IVF.

Micro-IVF is much the same as conventional IVF with one very significant difference: although oral fertility drugs are used to stimulate egg maturation, there is little or no use of injectable fertility drugs.

Natural cycle IVF eliminates use of fertility drugs entirely.

These options aren’t appropriate for everyone, of course, but if you’re a good candidate they can offer real IVF cost savings. Candidates include women with poor response to ovulation stimulating fertility drugs, women under the age of 35 with a large supply of healthy eggs, and women who can’t tolerate fertility drugs.

Techniques like micro-IVF and natural cycle IVF may even be more appealing for some prospective parents because they are simpler, and less risky. The likelihood of multiple births is much lower and there are fewer risks of drug side effects. Lack of fertility drugs also eliminates risk of ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome -- a very serious complication that affects about one percent of all women undergoing standard IVF treatment.

The major reason why micro-IVF and natural cycle IVF are less expensive than traditional IVF is that they don’t require the same type of intensive hormonal drug stimulation. So fertility drug costs are greatly reduced or eliminated, and fewer office visits are required. There is also less need for monitoring and testing, which saves on the cost of ultrasound procedures, blood draws and laboratory analysis. If less hormonal stimulation results in the woman producing fewer eggs, egg retrieval can even be done without sedation – which means some additional savings. The whole process requires less treatment time, too. Unlike conventional IVF, where a single cycle may require 6 to 8 weeks of daily injections, both micro-IVF and natural cycle IVF can produce results relatively quickly.

All of this combined makes these treatment options much more affordable. However, it’s important to bear in mind that success rates are generally not as high – and not every woman is a candidate for these IVF protocols.

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Comments (48)

Why everybody move on IVF. I don't think its too much affordable. For middle class family, its too much. Is there any health insurance plan that covers IVF?

Hello Sunita,

It's no secret that IVF is a very costly procedure. A lot of families and couples struggle with affording IVF. A lot of couples have to undergo more than one IVF cycle in order to conceive and that can certainly add up. Independent insurance plans typically do not offer fertility treatment coverage for IVF unfortunately. However, there are IVF programs that help to make IVF more attainable and affordable to families.

My company Fertility Authority developed a multi-cycle IVF program called IVFAdvantage ( We have negotiated down the cost of IVF based on the retail rates of the participating clinic(s) within the IVFAdvantage network. There are several package options to choose from and the program also has a financing option if you have a credit score of 650 or higher. If you would like to learn more about the program and if you would like me to see if there's a participating center near you, feel free to email me directly at

Happy to help and looking forward to hearing from you.


Hey there! My wife and I have been together for over 10 years now and recently got married. Unfortunately, our wedding was ruined of which my wife was very upset about. I recently had to give up my house due to the economy and financial reasons that were out of my control. I recently lost my job a couple months ago and have been on unemployment "benefits" which doesn't even cover my rent. As of this past June, my wife has been out of work due to a health issue which is making her pass out almost every day. I cannot leave her alone because she has already hit her head and fell on the floor several times unexpectedly. She has been to 3 ER's, 4 different hospitals for testing, seen several doctors (neurologists & cardiologists), and we now have a deductible to pay for which is over $6,000. None of the doctors know what it is. As of about 2 weeks ago, we finally found a doctor that might have an answer, however, it takes time to diagnose the issue (another month of being out of work). Meanwhile, I have only one person that can help watch her, once in a while, when I go out job hunting. Otherwise I have to be with her at all times to watch her. I was trying to wait to have a child until this whole thing was resolved, but she really wants to move forward with this and I'm not getting any younger! Unfortunately, since we've been together, she has had endometriosis, fibroids, and worst of all, 2 ectopic pregnancy's of which caused both fallopian tubes to be removed. So, unfortunately she cannot get pregnant and IVF is the only way to go. It's unfortunate that it costs so much for people with health issues to be happy in life by having a baby. It's bad enough that those that cannot get pregnant "normally" are upset as it is, but to add huge hospital bills is just not right. To us, a child would help make all her pain go away and be a HUGE stress reliever for both of us from all these issues in our life. Sorry for the long story, but I would like to know where we can go that might be "more affordable" down here in south Florida? Also, I was trying to look for some financial aide or grants, but it seems that they all want you to become a member by paying a fee. Even then you MIGHT get picked out of the entire country for some financial assistance. Does anyone know of any organizations or grants or any other options that might help us in this situation? We are trying to do this by the end of this year. Any information is a huge help and greatly appreciated!

Hi there, I'm so sorry to read about your situation and struggle to get pregnant. If finances are an issue, I would recommend going to You can search for free fertility treatment in your area that you may qualify for. You can also look into Springstone Plan. And as always, you can get emotional support and IVF Discount information from Please feel free to email me at for help finding a specialist in your area. Good luck and best wishes, Jenna

I am 35 and have 2 kids ages 18 and 13, I was made by my ex-husband to get my tubes tied 13 years ago. I now am with a loving man who has no children himself. I am wondering if anyone can tell me if bcbs will cover ivf in florida. I have regretted having my tubes tied since day one and would really like to be able to give my husband a baby of his own.

Hi! I read your coment and I had the same problem on my hands my ex husband made me tie my tubes after my youngest son was born , and like u my husband is a loving man that wishes to have a kid so I had my tubes untied. Here is the name of the place that did it for me it's called chapel hill tubal reversal clinic in nc wish u the best of luck.

Leighanne - Unfortunately, no matter the circumstances in most cases insurance will not cover the IVF procedure itself. Insurance companies consider getting a tubal ligation an "elective" procedure so anything in response to a tubal ligation such as IVF is also considered elective. However, just to make sure you should call the number on the back of your insurance card to determine if they would cover IVF given your circumstances. If not, your insurance should cover the consultation and in most cases preliminary testing.

Hello, my husband and I have a blended family. I have 3 kids from my previous marriage and he has 2 from his previous and we live in GA. We have been trying for about 5 years and the last 2 years we had 2 etopic pregnancies back to back which the last one they had to remove my left tube. I was told by my OB/Gyn that if we want to get pregnant we will have to do IVF. Where can we find a affordable IVF clinic and what are my chances?

Hi Mai,

The most affordable clinic for IVF in your area is Servy-Massey Fertility Institute. There is also CNY Fertility in New York if you are willing to travel. Do you have health insurance? Your best bet is to schedule a consultation with the clinic to see what your personal success rate with IVF would be.

Check out these links to learn more about the doctors at these clinics:


Hi I live in Broomfield, CO. I had a ruptured ectopic pregnancy ended up in emergency surgery they had to remove my left ovary and Fallopian tube. Today I'm six weeks pregnant and was just told by my doctor that it is another tubal pregnancy in my right tube, the Dr gave me medicine and if the medicine doesn't work they would have to do surgery. Long story short they said the best and safest way for me to get pregnant is by invitro but I cannot afford all the money up front. Do you or do you know someone who excepts payments?

You may want to see if your clinic offers financing. If they don't, you can apply for a loan or a credit card (with a low APR, ideally). You may want to see if you'd be approved at Springstone for a loan. Hope this is helpful.

Hi i live in Hawai and theres no cheap or less expensive place that will help me with getting my tubes untied.. Is there any place that you can refer me to. We would like to have a child of our own i have 2. I believe i cut my tubes when i had my last child 13 years ago. Pleae help...thanks

Hi Gina, There are certainly fertility clinics in Hawaii and California that can help you decide if tubal ligation reversal or IVF are the best options for you. Please give us a call at 1-855-955-BABY (2229) or email Best, Kim

My boyfriend and I are wanting to have a baby. He has no kids I have 3. Is there anyway that I can find a low cost mico ivf in louisiana?

my husband and i have been going through this journey for about seven years i am only 26. i cannot find a clinic near me that will except self pay patients. i found one clinic that was sliding scale but the doctor was rude and gave me clomid told me to come back in 3 to 6 months if i wasn't pregnant. i have severe pcos nothing wrong with my husband but the clomid did not work so on to the next step. any advice

Hi Melanie, We can definitely help you find a doctor that treats self-pay patients and PCOS. Give us a call at 1-855-955-BABY (2229) or email so we can get a little more information from you (like location and which doctor you have already seen). Then we can schedule the consultation for you with one of the trusted fertility doctors in our network! Best, Kim

My husband is 39 with a vasectomy that he received 4 years before we met. I am 33 and Fertile Myrtle. We have been together for 6 years, married for going on 4. We want to have a baby so bad but it really is expensive. We went to a place in Littleton, CO and they want about $22,000. That is just over the top for us. I feel I am being puinshed because there is nothing wrong with me but I have to go through all of these testings and pay an arm and a leg for it. At this point we don't care if it is my husband or a donor...we just want to have a baby. Can someone help guide us to a doctor or clinic that won't rob us. I want to experience what everyone else get to experience but my God... Help?!

Hi Essence, I am terribly sorry that you are going through this and we will definitely be able to help you find a lower cost option! Please give us a call at 1-855-955-BABY (2229) or fill out this Contact Fertility Doctors Near Me form: We will connect you with a fertility doctor in your area. Best, Kim

Im 24 years old and I wanted to have my last child by 26 my daughter 6 going on 7 and when I priced IVF it was around 22000.00 thats to much anybody know of anything I could do to make my wish come true without breaking my savings

Hi Asia,

It depends on your location, diagnosis, and if you have health insurance. Give us a call at 1-855-955-2229 and we can discuss. $22,000 sounds like a lot and there are definitely less expensive facilities out there if you're looking into IVF. For example, Dr. Joe Massey does an IVF cycle for about $7,000. He is located in Atlanta, GA. We can definitely find a facility near you with reasonable prices. Kim

I read here about all the ladies feeling the same way as I do About the costs of IVF, but I do not see any answers? Plz advise on treatment costs and where?

You can ask your fertility doctor about natural cycle IVF which eliminates the cost of fertility drugs, or mini IVF which significantly reduces the cost of fertility drugs. You can also visit to participate in a research study with little or no cost to you.

Good luck!

ohh!!!! it's great to have this kind of informatiom!!! yuo can help those parents without children!!

i would like to know the cost of an IVF, i have three other children and i would like to have a couple more.About thirteen years ago i let my doctor talk me into getting my tubes tied and now he dont want to untie them and wants to charge me $20,000,I dont have that type of money. Can someone plz give me some directions on how to find an answer to my solution........

hi I am 42 and my husband is 32. we would like to have a child together. I had a tubal ligation after having my youngest son almost 17 years ago. I just thought that I wouldnt want to have anymore kids but now we do. please help, what should we do? And where can I get them cheaper than usual expensive places.??

Hi, I am marrying a young Moroccan guy that I've spent a lot of time with, and we want to maybe take my eggs (ok, I'm 59 in very good health and take care of myself) with his sperm and make a baby. I adopted 8 kids and had 3 healthy bio kids years ago. My Russian daughter and her husband have agreed that she would be the surrogate mother for me. She has an 18 month old, very healthy son, and loved being pregnant, and was never sick. She would have to have a collage, spelling probably wrong, in her 4th month.

Was wondering how much the cost would be, and if it would be feasible. I've learned that the woman's eggs don't get too old, but the body rejection of the egg in the uterus that deteriorates the quality of the egg is the issue in the older woman, so I think it should be ok?

And I'm hoping u'll say it will work out ok, so we could get started. My husband will be home, probably by December, but if it's feasible, maybe we'd find a way to send his frozen sperm? over here early and get started!

If u don't think it's too crazy, please email me with any details. Thanks so much!

I live about a mile from your office........
Rebecca Lara

This may not be an option for everyone. I've been looking into fertility tourism, because my local IVF clinics in NC told me my treatments would be over $18K. Just google "low cost ivf overseas" and you'll get pages and pages of IVF clinics overseas. We are seriously considering going abroad for our treatments because it would save us almost eight grand and that's with fights and hotel stay included.

I have been trying to have a baby,but was told my fallopian tubes are blocked and the ivf would be the best way.I can pay 1000.00 monthly but no one wants to help me with saving it.This is my dream to be a mother.I want to do this

Hi, I am 24 years old and my man is 34 years old. we had been trying to have a baby for about a year now.and nothing happen. I even tried clomid and it didnt work. i boyfriend have a child already and we would lke to haveone together.

Dear madam or Sir;

My husband and I are first true loves and we found eachother after 28 years apart we married nearly a year ago but we both desperately been trying to concieve unsuccessfully for almost 2 years now.

We would love to promptly have children together. I am almost 46 years old and my husband is 44 years old.

Our infertility problem is that I have blocked fallopian tubes due to scare tissue. We been thinking of IVF procedure and seeking information of the cost but finanancially its difficult because our poor credit history we unable to seek a bank loan. However; we were told we can get someone to co-sign and we have another option and was wondering if theres a way of paying cash installments?

We both employed and would appreciate any information that is shared with us to make this dream come true.


Queens, NY

im 21 and my husband is 22, i have irregular periods and we been trying to conceive for 2 years .... i need help is something wrong with me?

Hi - I know it's so disappointing and frustrating when you're trying to have a baby. You really should see a fertility doctor, also known as a reproductive endocrinologist. There's a "Find a Doctor" search on every page of FertilityAuthority - you can search by zip code. A fertility doctor will take your medical history, do a physical exam and perform some other tests that will help determine why you aren't getting pregnant.

You may also want to visit, an online community where you can get support and information from other women who are trying to have a baby.

I wish you all the best,

I am 34 years old and had my tubes tied 8 years ago because i thought that I didnt want to have anymore children. But now Ive remarried and we want to have children....he has no children and Im ready to have more. i realize now that I want a big family. Could you tell me what would be the best route for me.

im 27 with no problems , but my wife had cancer when she was a kid and doesnt produce eggs or have a monthly cycle , it sounds real expensive startn to think us bearing our own child isnt meant to be , any other ideals?

I'm 41 yrs old and have especial interest to have IVF proceed in myself, but l couldn't afford the expensive. l need to know is there are any finantial plan that l can afford.

hello- go to and on the left is list, click on grants and aids for fertility treatments, they have several programs you can choose from the will fit your situation. Also, depending on where you live, there is also insurance plans that accept fertility treatment procedures. The ones who accept it is listed by state. Choose your state, if it's one of the choices and read the information that can get you on your way . Hope this helps.

My husband and I are trying to conceive and he's 49 with a low
sperm count and i'm 46 (no issues other than the ob/gyn says my
eggs are old) . We've been trying to get pregnant on our own for
6 months and nothing. I check IUI and it's $10K for one try.. is there
any other options that are lower in costs for us to try?

My wife and I would like to have a baby but her tubes are burned and cut.She is 36 and and I am 42 years of age. How much would it be for us to have a baby thru invictro?


Hi Rafael
I just want you to know, my tubes have been cut, tied and burned for 19 years after I had my 3 kids. My new husband has no kids and we are both 43. We went to a Fertility Surgeon and he performed a tubal reversal on me and did a blue dye test to guarentee my tubes are indeed open. This was done March 2011. We started naturally trying to conceive and now my menstrual is 3 weeks late which my cycle has NEVER been late except for the times I got pregnant before. This procedure was only $6900 and it covers everything including the 2 day hotel stay. We paid for our own flight tickets to GA since we live in PA but was very pleased with the doctor and his staff in a clean and professional facility.

Hi crystla could you tell me if your reversal has worked? I'm in that EXACT situation and I'm not sure if I should do a reversal or IVF. Where did you go in GA? I live in GA so that would work out really well

Our patient care advocates can also recommend a doctor in Georgia to help you determine if tubal reversal or IVF are the right treatment for you. Call us toll-free at 855-955-2229 or email us at Best, Claire

i´m searching a long time for a good low cost alternative but can realy barely find good informations about. I think i will contact my insurance agent, be he also just want to make his dollar. hmm

i would love to find a low cost for ivf but i cant i've searched every web site none of them help my situation at all i just recently lost my job so i need as much help i can handle the cost as long as its in a reasonable price my baby is well worth it

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