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10 Things People Don't Tell You when You're Trying to Conceive

Happy Monday to you! Here's 10 things we bet you didn't know about trying to get pregnant.

  1. It might take months to get pregnant, despite what your high school health teacher once said.
  2. Just because your sister got pregnant within three months doesn’t mean you will too.
  3. You will start to examine the toilet paper for signs of cervical mucus or spotting.
  4. Seeing a negative pregnancy test can make you cry for weeks.
  5. You might feel jealous when you see a pregnant woman or hear a pregnancy announcement.
  6. You will receive a lot of (helpful and unhelpful) fertility advice from your mother or relatives.
  7. You might do a headstand after intercourse to help his sperms swim upstream.
  8. You will ask your husband to start wearing boxers instead of briefs to increase his sperm count.
  9. You will see pregnant woman and babies everywhere!
  10. You will have A LOT of baby-making sex (so try to enjoy it!).