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10 Things You Should NOT Say to Your Pregnancy-Challenged Wife

Having fertility problems? You are not alone. Men, here are a few things you probably should not say to your fertility-challenged partner:

  1. I told my mother about our fertility issues, and she has some advice for you. Give her a call.
  2. I heard if you just relax, it will happen.
  3. My buddy and his new girlfriend are pregnant already. They’ve only been dating three months.
  4. I’m switching back to briefs, these boxer shorts are too uncomfortable.
  5. But honey, do I really have to do another semen analysis test? It’s so much work.
  6. I think you’ve gained weight since you started the fertility meds.
  7. I told my sister you would be happy to plan her baby shower.
  8. I am going away on a business trip, so I’ll miss your ovulation cycle.
  9. Honey, you’re still really young. We have plenty of time.
  10. I accidentally dropped your basal thermometer into the toilet.