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10 Ways to Have Fun at a Baby Shower, Infertile Style

When you’re struggling with infertility, attending a friend’s baby shower can be a difficult experience. But if you still have to go, you might as well have a good time. Right?

Here are our suggestions on how to still enjoy the dreaded baby shower.

  1. Wear your cutest outfit that makes you look extremely thin.
  2. Do a drastic haircut and let everyone ooh and aah about how good you look.
  3. Bring a cake but tell everyone it’s only for you to eat.
  4. Suggest party games like "Guess the fertility treatment that will make me pregnant" or "Pin the tail on the ovaries."
  5. Bring your therapist as your guest.
  6. Ask all the guests to bring a box of pregnancy sticks for a game. (Then, when no one is looking, take them all home with you.)
  7. Bring your own special spiked drink and loosen up.
  8. Instead of bringing a gift for the mom-to-be, buy yourself something nice. (Her gift is your presence at the shower).
  9. Ask your husband to pick you up early and get him to take you to your favorite restaurant.
  10. Skip the baby shower altogether and go to the spa.