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Getting Ready for the Holidays? So is Your Fertility Clinic! 5 Tips To Prepare You for Clinic Holiday Hours

Like the elusive after-school life of your childhood teachers, it is hard to believe your fertility doctor has a life outside of the clinic. They actually eat and have families, if you can believe it! Most fertility doctors agree they will go to great lengths for their patients in a time of urgency. Especially given the time sensitivity of fertility treatment, fertility doctors and staff are on-call and ready to go at a moment’s notice. But there are ways fertility patients should prepare as well.

Here are the five things you need to know about your fertility clinic and treatment cycle in anticipation of holiday hours:

  1. Be aware of holiday closings in advance. This will help you eliminate undue stress and manage your fertility treatment accordingly. If you plan to be away for several days or weeks around the holidays, you might consider taking birth control pills to postpone your cycle. You’ll be ready to kick your cycle in gear for the New Year!

  2. Know who to call and when. Keep a list of all important phone numbers: fertility nurse, front office staff, on-call phone number. Don’t let yourself stress and panic at the last minute.

  3. Ask which locations will be closing for the holidays. Does the main office stay open, but all satellite offices close? Know how far you will have to drive to the nearest office (if applicable) and consider inclement weather or poor driving conditions in case.

  4. Refill your prescriptions in advance. If you are traveling, make sure to pack your fertility drugs. Research local pharmacies that can accommodate your prescription requests if needed.

  5. If your fertility doctor has approved of blood work or ultrasound at a remote facility (local hospital, OB-GYN, etc.) while you’re away for the holidays, make sure you have any information you might need to ensure your records are sent back to your fertility clinic. Fax number, secure email address, and your legal name will help your information get back to your chart where it belongs.

Each fertility clinic has a doctor on call during off hours. The on-call doctor will use their discretion and medical expertise to advise you regarding your urgent matter. The most important thing for a fertility patient to remember is that your treatment team will do all they can to accommodate you. But remember, they have families to go home to and celebrations to attend. Be an attentive patient and make the holidays happy for everyone!

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