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Giving the Gift of Support and Cheer

The holidays are about giving. We're not talking lavish gifts or money. We're not even talking about those generous white elephant trinkets you'll be re-gifting at the next party.

We're talking time. All it takes is a few hours and you can choose how often you'd like to give.

We're talking volunteering.

Whether it's for someone less fortunate than you or someone who really needs the extra love and support, volunteering brings a contagious cheer that will help you cope with infertility.

Here are some ways you can share the wealth and love this holiday season and get gratification in return:

  • Volunteer at a homeless shelter or supply a meal. Call ahead to see if prepared meals are accepted or if they should be prepackaged or non-perishable goods.

  • Volunteer at a nursing home or hospital. You don't have to don the Rudolph nose and antlers (unless you want to), but sharing memories and stories are bound to keep you smiling.

  • Volunteer to build or rebuild with Habitat for Humanity. Go ahead and channel your inner Nicole Curtis, Rehab Addict complete with sexy glasses and overalls!

  • Volunteer as a Board Coordinator on You may have built your family or perhaps you're in the middle of an in vitro fertilization (IVF) cycle. If you're friendly, have personal infertility experience, and want to help others, the community awaits your support.

  • Volunteer to run a local support group via RESOLVE or another infertility organization. Sometimes coffee and new friendships are just what you need to get help others and yourself get through infertility.

There are many ways you can volunteer and you might even get your mind off of infertility for a while. For other tips on getting through the holidays, check out Fertility Authority's Holiday Infertility Survival Guide.

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