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Should I Get an FSH Test?

If you’ve had trouble trying to conceive, chances are you’ve heard talk about the FSH levels. But what exactly are these levels, and when should you get them tested?

Your FSH levels refer to your follicle-stimulating hormone, a hormone produced by your pituitary gland that causes your follicles in your ovaries to grow. It’s responsible for producing eggs—necessary to achieving pregnancy, of course.

FSH levels are tested as part of a standard fertility workup if you’ve been having trouble trying to conceive. You may also want to get these levels tested if your menstrual cycles have stopped or if they’ve become irregular. FSH levels are also important for sperm production in men, so if a woman is having trouble trying to conceive, her partner may be tested for his FSH levels as well.

If your FSH levels are normal, chances are good that you will respond well to fertility drugs for ovarian stimulation. Your probability of success with these drugs tends to decrease the higher your FSH levels are. If you have very high FSH levels, you may not respond well to fertility drugs, but you may be a candidate for donor egg IVF.

For more information on FSH, check out this video where Dr. Edward Marut tackles the question: What is FSH?

Click image to play.

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