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New IVF Technology in the US: The Eeva Test

IVF clinics have a new technology to help them assess embryo development and select the best embryos for transfer: the EevaTM Test.

The first and only test cleared by the FDA to aid in embryo selection, the Eeva Test is a non-invasive process. Rather than screen embryos with a biopsy, it uses time-lapse imaging and sophisticated computer software to identify critical and subtle differences in cell division timings.

A microscope equipped with a camera is placed inside the incubator where the embryos will develop to capture time-lapse images from Day 1 through Day 3. The Eeva Test analyzes the developmental potential for the embryos and categorizes them into “High” and “Low”. Those parameters help your IVF team transfer the embryo with the best development potential.

Watch IVF patients (now parents) Courtnay and Michael talk about their experience with the Eeva Test.?

To learn more, or to find a fertility clinic in your area that offers the Eeva Test, contact a Patient Care Advocate at (855) 416-6577.

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