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Staying Healthy During Your Fertility Workup and Treatment

Focusing on staying healthy while you’re trying to conceive can help reestablish a sense of control during what can be an incredibly stressful time. Dr. Rashmi Kudesia, a fertility doctor with Reproductive Medicine Associates of New York in Brooklyn, offers these tips for women to optimize pre-pregnancy health – whether you are considering seeing a fertility specialist or are going through a diagnostic fertility workup:

  1. Stay up to date with your gynecology visits, including Pap test and mammogram, if applicable
  2. Make sure vaccinations are up to date
  3. Continue to manage ongoing medical concerns and chronic health conditions, like diabetes or hypertension
  4. Reach and maintain a healthy BMI and weight
  5. Take a prenatal vitamin
  6. Work towards elimination of alcohol, tobacco and drug intake
  7. Try to prioritize your mental health and the needs of your partner, if you have one.

“Optimizing one’s health prior to pregnancy is the best bet for ensuring a good outcome,” Kudesia says.

Read Dr. Kudesia’s blog on getting and staying healthy during your fertility workup and treatment.

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