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Have You Gotten Your Flu Shot?

As if you don’t get enough shots when going through fertility treatments, here’s one more! A flu shot!

If you are trying to conceive or pregnant, you can steer clear of the cold season by washing your hands, avoiding anyone who is sick, and living a healthy lifestyle that includes plenty of water and balanced meals.

One of the best ways though to avoid getting the flu (shockingly enough) is by getting a flu shot and anytime in October and November is the time to do it! The flu vaccine is made from inactivated influenza viruses that typically circulate during the flu season and can help prevent certain strains. Plus, there have been several studies that show that it's not only safe but if you do become pregnant, it can protect newborns from the flu for months after birth.

To learn more about fertility news, issues or advice, please visit Fertility Authority or as always, stop by FertileThoughts for emotional support!

Watch as Dr. David Meldrum of Reproductive Partners Medical Group in California explains how lifestyle affects the fertility of men and women (which goes to show how so many things we don't think about, like illness and the flu, can impact reproductive health):

Click image to play.

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