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Study Demonstrates Quicker and Less Costly Road to Pregnancy

A recently published study by Reproductive Medicine Associates of NY reflects progressive evidence that patients can achieve their goal to conceive a healthy baby more quickly and less-costly than before.

“Patient Treatment Journeys, Then and Now: 12 Years of Clinical Progress”, analyzed 12 years of data from diagnostic cycles, IVF cycles, egg recipient cycles and non-IVF cycles. The study showed that the time span from patients’ first consultation to discharge to their obstetrician had decreased from 9.1 months to 5.7 months. Additionally, patients experienced a significant reduction in the number of multiple gestations, and a diminished number of miscarriages due to the increased utilization of embryo screening technologies such as comprehensive chromosomal screening (CCS).

Dr. Alan Copperman, Medical Director of Reproductive Medicine Associates of NY, says, “The statistical significance of our findings should be a source of hope and inspiration for those who suffer from infertility, as data-driven decision making and access to scientific advances has translated into more targeted treatments and more rapidly achieved successful outcomes. It is our goal to continue to focus on science and patient care and help our patients achieve their goals even more efficiently and successfully.”

Read Dr. Copperman’s blog on the study and its findings.

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