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What Are the Steps of the Egg Freezing Process?

What are the steps involved in egg freezing? Does egg freezing hurt? How much time will you take off from work?

Below are the steps involved in the egg freezing process. Rest assured that the egg freezing commitment is around 12 days, and you can still go about your normal life!

  1. Schedule your consultation with a Reproductive Endocrinologist (egg freezing expert) to test your ovarian reserve. Your Follicle Stimulating Hormone (FSH) and Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) will tell the doctor if you are a candidate and how many cycles you might need to get enough eggs for future pregnancy. Our Patient Care Advocates can recommend a doctor in your area and tell you how to save money on egg freezing with EggBanxx!

  2. On the first day of your menstrual cycle following the consultation appointment, you will call the clinic. On day three, you will come in for baseline blood work and ultrasound so you can begin your cycle.

  3. Your nurse will order your egg freezing stimulation drugs from a specialty pharmacy if s/he has not done so already. You will have to arrange pick up or drop off at your home.

  4. You will receive specific instructions from your nurse on when and how to administer your egg freezing stimulation drugs, beginning that evening. These injections will stimulate egg follicle growth in your ovaries in preparation for your retrieval.

  5. For approximately 10-12 days, you will continue taking your injections one time per day. You will also return to the clinic for blood work and ultrasound to make sure your ovaries are responding appropriately. These visits are done in the morning, typically every other day. You can even go right before the start of your work day!

  6. Once you have a good number of mature follicles, you will be given a “trigger shot” to finalize egg maturation. Your retrieval will be scheduled for the next 24-36 hours.

  7. On the day of retrieval, you will be put under a light, general anesthesia. Your egg freezing doctor will use an ultrasound guided needle to aspirate the egg follicles and remove each egg for freezing.

  8. After the retrieval, you will be allowed to recover from anesthesia and should return home with plans to rest for the remainder of the day. Bring a friend or your sister, you will not be allowed to drive home. Later that day, you will receive a report on the eggs that were retrieved.

The egg freezing process is not painful and you will only experience mild bloating (like an exaggerated PMS). You will not feel the retrieval due to anesthesia. Since your blood work and ultrasound are performed during morning monitoring hours, you will not miss any days from work aside from your retrieval day.

Ready to find out if egg freezing is right for you? Contact our Patient Care Advocates at 855-552-2699 or email

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