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How to Stay Healthy and Avoid Overeating this Holiday Season

The holidays are the time for comfort. Cozy sweaters, warm blankets, sitting by the fire, and comfort food. If you're going through fertility treatment or generally trying to maintain a healthy diet, you'll want to be mindful of how much you are eating. Particularly with conditions like PCOS, but for anyone getting their body baby-ready for the new year, you should avoid overeating and making unhealthy food choices. We've got tips to prevent you from preying on the holiday party buffet all night and regretting how much you ate in the morning.

  • Eat breakfast. Make sure you have a meal rich in protein as opposed to carbs. You want to stay full longer and having a big plate of pancakes will just leave you hungry hours later.
  • Drink water. Keep your glass full and in your hand. You will be subconsciously drinking more water throughout the evening and less likely to occupy your hands with food.
  • Fill up on veggies and salads. It is ok to eat other foods as well, but if you prevent yourself from feeling ravenous, you'll be less likely to stuff yourself with unhealthy options. Nibble on carrot sticks and celery until dinner, then pick just a few "treats" to have with your main course. Have you been dreaming of grandma's pie all year? Don't deprive yourself, but plan the rest of your meal accordingly and take a small portion.
  • Get off the couch. Try mingling instead of parking it on the couch. It may not be a calorie-burning marathon, but it will keep you moving, talking, and less likely to fill up on empty calories. If the weather holds up, you might consider taking a walk to look at the neighborhood Christmas lights or getting out for a jog the next morning.

Happy Holidays!

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