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Heading to a Holiday Dinner? Deflect Pregnancy Questions Like a Pro!

It’s Hanukkah and Christmas is a just around the corner. What should be a time of remembrance with family, or a dinner celebration with friends can actually be a source of great anxiety for someone going through infertility.

After prayers have been said, toasts have been made, and stomachs stuffed, you start planning your escape to dodge the well-intentioned-but-ill-timed questions. “Did you 'implant' those embryos yet? Are you pregnant yet? You know you could always adopt!” Our stomachs are churning just thinking of it!

Remember, YOU are the one who decides how much or how little to share. You don’t have to feel pressured into answering questions. You can excuse yourself from the table, or if you’re really not feeling up to it, excuse yourself from the event all together. Many couples going through infertility report feeling selfish for not attending a holiday event, but sometimes it is OK to focus on yourself-especially when you're feeling down about infertility.

If you do plan on attending, try changing the subject or saying: “We appreciate your concern for us, but we just aren’t up to discussing that right now. You'll be on the 'must-know' list as soon as we're ready!”

If you plan on couch surfing at home instead, pull up a cozy blanket and visit to talk to others dealing with infertility (and difficult family) this holiday season. Check out our Top 5 Ways to Cope with Infertility Over the Holidays. You'll be glad you did!

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