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How Can Same Sex Couples Build a Family?

There are many family building options available to LGBT individuals or couples, but if you are new to the process, you may not be sure of where to begin.

Fertility clinics across the country offer treatments like donor sperm intrauterine insemination (IUI), in vitro fertilization (IVF), or gestational surrogacy, but it is important to find a clinic that has experience in treating members of the LGBT community. You should also think about the criteria that are most important to you, like location of the clinic, success rates, costs, and level of hand holding your medical team will provide throughout the process.

For lesbian couples, a complete fertility work up is needed. A fertility doctor will go over your medical and sexual history, evaluate ovarian reserve, help you determine which partner is better suited for carrying a pregnancy, decide whether IUI or reciprocal IVF is an option for you, and help you choose a sperm donor or sperm bank to work with.

Gay couples will want to discuss gestational surrogacy, undergo semen analysis to determine if one or both partners can donate sperm to the pregnancy, and help you choose an egg donor or egg bank to work with.

Looking for more information on LGBT family building? Fertility Authority and California Fertility Partners have compiled a list of questions for LGBT couples to consider when searching for a clinic and family building options.

Don’t forget to check out the LGBT family building forum on

Watch as Dr. Guy Ringler discusses the best options for fertility treatment for gay and lesbian couples:

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