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Three Tips for #TTCTuesday

If you're trying to conceive (TTC), you may need a little advice on how to get your body ready for pregnancy. You probably already know you should take a prenatal vitamin and folic acid supplement, quit smoking, and ditch the contraceptives. Here are some tips just in time for #TTCTuesday:

  1. Before TTC, you should evaluate your health and lifestyle. Be mindful of your diet and exercise. Limit your caffeine and alcohol intake, and begin taking a prenatal vitamin. You should also be seeing an OB-GYN for routine pap smears and gynecological exams.

  2. Keep in mind that it takes time for birth control to leave your system and it could take as long as a year for you to conceive naturally. The medical rule of thumb is: If you are over the age of 35 and trying to conceive for six months with well-timed intercourse (every 2 days) or under the age of 35 and trying for a year without success, you should see a fertility doctor. If you have irregular periods, a history of infertility, or have suffered multiple miscarriages, you should see a fertility doctor without delay.

  3. Get a better idea of when you are ovulating with Ovulation Prediction Kits (OPKs). You will have the best chance of getting pregnant if you have sex during your fertile window. You can purchase these tests over the counter at any pharmacy.

If you're TTC and it's not happening, a consultation with a fertility doctor is recommended. Our Patient Care Advocates can help; call or email (855) 955-2229 or

Watch as Dr. Sigal Klipstein explains why it is harder for a woman in her 40s to get pregnant:

Click image to play.

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