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Turn Those Infertile Thoughts into Fertile Thoughts

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If you want to connect with others on matters such as infertility, adoption, living childfree or surrogacy, FertilityAuthority wants to remind you of our online community (and unofficial cheering section), FertileThoughts !

FertileThoughts provides support to women, men, couples and singles who are building their families. People can share their personal stories and support one another while building relationships with others all across the globe. To date, FertileThoughts has more than 88,000 members and almost 5 million posts, with visitors throughout the United States, as well as Canada, the United Kingdom, Australia and India!

It's SO easy to feel defeated when going through fertility treatment but with such an overwhelming online community, they could easily help turn those negative thoughts into positive ones!

And as always, to learn more about fertility news, issues or advice, please visit Fertility Authority and please visit FertileThoughts where your cheering section awaits!

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