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Can I Take Natural Fertility Supplements?

In any vitamin store, you can find bottles of natural fertility supplements promising to boost fertility. These supplements often include ingredients like chaste tree berry, red clover, and red raspberry leaf. They’re natural, so they must be safe, right?

Even though these fertility supplements are natural, it’s important not to pop the pills indiscriminately. In fact, you should proceed with caution when using over-the-counter fertility supplements. That’s because some of them can interfere with your prescription fertility meds and may even have harmful side effects on their own.

Another important thing to note: prescription fertility drugs must get approval by the FDA, but herbal supplements are not subjected to the same scrutiny—they don’t need FDA approval before hitting the market.

Plus, many patients don’t mention their supplement use to their fertility doctor, which may impede their treatment. Some herbal fertility supplements may affect the dosage of your fertility drugs, so your doctor needs to know what you are taking to dose you properly.

If you want to add a natural supplement to your treatment plan, make sure you talk with your fertility doctor. He or she will be able to recommend something for your specific situation and make sure it fits in with your entire treatment process.

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Want to learn about acupuncture and fertility? Check out this video where Dr. Susanna Park explains the benefits of acupuncture and herbs for health, relaxation, and fertility.

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