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What Are Some Simple Changes You Can Make to Your Diet and Lifestyle When Trying to Conceive?

While you might not be pregnant yet, if you are trying to conceive, you will need to create an environment for your body, and for the baby, to thrive. Re-evaluating your current lifestyle is an inexpensive way to adjust your body to having a baby. Read more at

A healthy diet is the most natural way to help fertility. Choosing fresh food over canned can make a big difference when combined with a diet limiting sugar and junk food intake. Did you know that there is a correlation to insulin resistance and PCOS? Replacing sugar and processed foods with fertility super-foods like asparagus, wild salmon, eggs, and almonds, to name a few, can make a difference.

Being overweight or underweight can interfere with a woman’s reproductive system. Too much or too little body fat will cause hormone levels to fluctuate, and will not allow for proper ovulation. Check with your doctor first if you fall into any hormonal imbalances.

Tobacco, Alcohol and Narcotics
Women looking to conceive – and definitely those who are already pregnant – should beware of their levels of tobacco, alcohol, illegal drugs, and even some prescription drugs. Intake of any of these substances could inhibit hormones and affect ovulation and fertility, and can hinder a woman’s ability to carry a child. These can also pose problems for the opposite sex, if your male partner likes to party too much on the weekends or is using steroids to pump up his body.

Environment & Occupational Hazards
Reevaluate if your home or work environments cause you to be constantly exposed to or in contact with toxins and pollutants. This may alter your body’s immune system as well as your body’s natural cycles, especially a woman’s menstrual cycle. Many environmental chemicals have been known to be both hormone and endocrine disruptors.

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