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Don’t Let Cigarettes Stop You From Conceiving

Facts are facts and current research says smoking impairs both male and female fertility. Research also shows that among smokers, those who have strong goals for the future are more likely to stop smoking. If your goal is to conceive, then what could possibly be a better motivating factor?

For men, smoking can decrease sperm count making the sperm more sluggish. It can also increase the number of abnormal sperm.

For women, it can result in reduced ovarian reserve and an increased risk of suffering a miscarriage or stillbirth.

There are few goals stronger or more motivating than starting a family. Fertility Authority is urging you to make an investment in both your health and future by breaking up with cigarettes today.

Please remember to stop by FertileThoughts for support! There are plenty of other men and women struggling to kick the habit just like you!

Watch as Dr. Kimberly Thompson, with South Florida Institute of Reproductive Medicine explains how smoking negatively impacts fertility:

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