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Mother's Day

There's no getting around the fact that this Sunday is Mother's Day, one of the toughest Hallmark holidays for women who are having trouble conceiving or battling a diagnosis of infertility.

Not only is it hard to watch the celebration of other mothers around you, but your mother may give you a guilt trip if you don't feel like celebrating this year. This can be especially difficult if you feel like your own mom doesn't understand what you are going through.

Just remember, Mother's Day is really a celebration of all women and what they can accomplish — it didn't really have a lot to do with being a mother. Anna Jarvis — the woman who embarked upon the campaign in the early 1900s to make Mother's Day a recognized holiday — did it as a tribute to her mother, a woman who had founded Mothers' Day Work Clubs in five cities to improve sanitary and health conditions. By the 1920s, Jarvis had soured on the commercialization of the holiday, and she and her sister spent their family inheritance campaigning against what the holiday had become.

You don't have to campaign against Mother's Day, but you can certainly take a break from it. We've got some good Mother's Day Coping Strategies.

And if friends and family don't understand, seek support from our online community FertileThoughts.

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