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Is Egg Freezing Painful?

To start off the egg freezing process, you will consult with an egg freezing expert. This fertility doctor will take a full medical history, blood work, and ultrasound. He or she will determine, based on your hormone levels and antral follicle count (AFC), if you are a candidate for freezing your eggs. This involves a small needle for drawing blood and a transvaginal ultrasound to check your AFC. Pain/discomfort level= minimal.

You will begin a course of low dose stimulation drugs to prime your eggs for retrieval. Fertility drug injections are usually administered with a pen-like syringe and a needle no bigger than your pinky finger nail. Pain/discomfort level= minimal.

After about one to two weeks, you will take one final injection to prepare your eggs for retrieval. The egg retrieval process is usually done under sedation and you will not be able to drive home or return to work that day. A transvaginal ultrasound wand with a long thin needle is used to puncture the follicles in your ovaries and vacuum out the eggs from the follicles. You may feel some bloating and cramping after the procedure, but generally you shouldn't experience much pain. Pain/discomfort level=mild to moderate.

Your eggs will then be frozen until you are ready to use them. Since you will not be taking any other hormones at this time, you should recover quickly. Pain/discomfort level=none.

In all honesty, it is a small price to pay for the insurance policy you have taken out on your fertility! Your future self will thank you for the increased odds at pregnancy using younger eggs! Trust me, go for that consultation! You can also read one blogger's experience with egg freezing here.

For more information on egg freezing, visit the Egg Freezing forum on, check out EggBanxx or give us a call at 1-855-888-3447!

Watch as Dr. Jamie Grifo discusses Who Might Consider Egg Freezing:

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