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My Friend Wants to Be My Egg Donor

A friend has agreed to be your egg donor. She must be a really good friend! She is offering to do such a selfless thing by donating her eggs so you can have better success with IVF. But don't let that sway you from the fact that you need to have a contract.

By consulting an attorney who specializes in Family Building and Reproductive Technology, you will protect the rights of all parties involved: yours, your friend’s, and your partner’s (if applicable). It really is in everyone’s best interest to understand their role in the process and involvement with the child once s/he is born. Just like most clinics will require your friend to have a psychological evaluation before donating her eggs to you to ensure she is emotionally prepared for egg donation, an attorney who specializes in reproductive technology/third party reproduction will help her to be legally prepared for the process as well. Your attorney will draw up a legal agreement to outline everyone’s expectations and responsibilities and will answer any questions you may have.

Don’t forget to consult our directory of attorneys who specialize in reproductive law and the local fertility guides on to find information specific to attorneys near you!

Watch as Dr. John Schnorr, Medical Director of Coastal Fertility Specialists in South Carolina talks about the emotional aspects of egg donation:

Click image to play.

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