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Holy Fertility Acronyms, Batman!

As if infertility was not complicated enough, in the world of infertility online you have to decode the information using a language of strange acronyms.

Be warned. You might need a dictionary or your friend Google.

    If you’re TTC with your DH because you already have a DS via IUI and now experiencing SI, then you need to see a RE and have an HSG procedure done. You need to determine if your AF isn’t regular or you have PCOS to see how you can get a BFP instead of a BFN. Your RE will check your CM and LH. You might need to try another IUI or go right to IVF with ICSI to obtain a BFP.

    Some in the IF community also do FET when a fresh IVF cycle fails. Your RE will test your beta hCG and if BFP, make sure numbers are doubling for prevention of MC and D&C.

We just need a little TLC during IF.

Understand? LOL.

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