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How Can I Save on IVF Costs?

IVF is a complex medical procedure, and the fertility doctors who perform it are highly trained. It’s no surprise that the costs for IVF can be high. In fact, according to the American Society for Reproductive Medicine, the average cost of one IVF cycle is over $12,000, and that doesn’t include the costs of fertility drugs.

So how can you save? One way is with insurance coverage. But since only 15 states have mandates in place that require insurance companies to provide coverage, this can be spotty. Even if states do have an infertility insurance mandate, IVF is excluded in many situations.

Regardless of whether your state has an infertility insurance coverage mandate or not, it doesn’t hurt to check with your insurance company to fully understand what is covered and what is not. Some plans may cover some fertility treatments or diagnostics, which may free up more of your savings to pay for IVF.

A clear-cut way to save on IVF is through IVFAdvantage. The only IVF savings program created by patients for patients, IVFAdvantage can cut your IVF costs by up to 40 percent. How does it work? You’ll pay a negotiated rate (less than the clinic’s fee-for-service IVF cost) up front for one, two fresh, or two fresh and two frozen IVF cycles. Any IVF patient who is paying out of pocket for IVF is eligible for this program and financing options are available!

Want to learn more? Visit or contact a Patient Care Advocate at 855-996-SAVE (7283)!

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