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The Cost of IVF: An Investment in Your Future

When one considers doing in vitro fertilization, the top question usually is what is the cost of IVF? The answer depends on which clinic you go to as prices can vary.

The estimated cost of an IVF cycle in the United States is $12,400. However, that doesn’t include the cost of fertility drugs or if your doctor recommends your cycle include a procedure such as ICSI.

Plus, if you’re one of the lucky ones (and we hope you are) who has embryos (fertilized eggs) left over from your fresh cycle to freeze, you will need to consider the cost to store them and to do a frozen embryo transfer (FET) somewhere down the road.

If your cycle is successful (which we hope it is), then whatever amount you do end up spending will no doubt be worth it. Ideally, the cost of fertility is an investment in your future!

So, even though we can’t give you a bottom line price, Fertility Authority can offer some advice on how to help with fertility costs:

And should you like assistance finding a clinic to cycle at, please fill out our online form and one of our Patient Care Coordinators will get in touch with you, or give us a call at 1-855-955-BABY (2229)!

Watch as Dr. James Goldfarb of University Hospitals Fertility Center in Ohio discusses: "Should I do IUI or IVF?" so you can mentally prepare for the costs of fertility treatment.

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