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You Want Me to Stick a Needle WHERE?

Welcome to the wonderful world of fertility treatments.

Whether you are having your first fertility treatment or your fifth, you will quickly learn that you might have to give yourself some uncomfortable pokes and jabs. Fertility drug injections are given to patients to help with ovulation, stimulate ovaries and/or act as triggers during a specific fertility cycle.

It’s probably not your idea of a good time to inject yourself with a needle (especially if you have a phobia of needles!) but always remember why you’re doing this in the first place — to achieve a pregnancy! Reminding yourself about the end goal might make the pokes and jabs a little less daunting. and it might get a little easier over time. We also recommend icing the area ahead of time (to numb it a little), massage the area after injection, and reward yourself after each shot (preferably in the form of brownies or a pedicure!)

Hopefully, you have a supportive partner who's willing to help out, but you can definitely enlist the help of a friend, sister, or strong-stomached neighbor.

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