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Father’s Day Follow Up: Positive Steps Toward Fatherhood

Yesterday was Father’s Day—and just as women have difficulty coping around Mother’s Day, guys can too when this family-centric day rolls around.

So how can you help him recover from the emotions of Father’s Day AND give yourselves a little push on the path to parenthood? Try these tips below:

  • Offer Reassurance: You’re in this together and he is allowed to express (or not express) his emotions as he feels comfortable. Let him know you are there to support him as he supports you.

  • Be a Team: In order for the team to succeed, all players must be in the best shape they can be and contributing equally. Encourage him to take on healthy diet and lifestyle habits and to get a fertility workup. It will benefit both of you to seek treatment sooner than later as fertility is a race against the clock.

  • Let Him Take the Reins Sometimes: Ask him for his input and you may be surprised by the response. Maybe he wants to be there for every follicle check ultrasound, or maybe he wants to take the lead in picking out your sperm donor. Whatever the case may be, share what little control you do have over infertility.

Father’s Day was probably hard for him, but having support from others in the same situation can be a lifesaver. Invite your man to check out the Husbands Discussing Infertility forum or the Male Fertility and Reproductive Health forum on, where he can share his thoughts and experiences with others in the same boat.

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