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The Frustration of Secondary Infertility

If you didn’t have any issues conceiving your first or even your second child, you might consider yourself free of fertility issues. Sadly though, that isn’t always the case. If you’ve been trying to conceive additional children to add to your family but it doesn’t seem to be happening, you may be struggling with Secondary Infertility.

Secondary infertility is the inability to conceive or carry a pregnancy to term after successfully conceiving one or more children. People who are affected by secondary infertility typically don’t seek infertility treatment because they believe if they had no issues before, they shouldn't have issues in the future. However, your age may be a factor, or conditions such as fibroids, ovulation, high FSH or low AMH. Therefore, we strongly urge you to see a fertility doctor as they could possibly address the issue and treat it.

If you are concerned you have Secondary Infertility and would like to see a doctor, please fill out our online form and one of our Patient Care Advocates will get in touch with you.

You may also want to check out our newest blogger; Jessi is dealing with secondary infertility:

We highly recommend joining our FertileThoughts Forum on Secondary Infertility. This forum was created for those who have existing children and wish to expand their family while suffering from infertility again or for the first time.

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