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TTC = Trying to Conceive (And other translations)

In the crazy world of infertility, there is a corresponding crazy language known as “Trying to Conceive Acronyms” (or perhaps I should simply say “TTC”).

Are you looking into insemination? Then you’re researching an “IUI”.

Did you and your husband try to conceive after you took an ovulation prediction kit test? Then DH (Dear Husband) and you “TTC” (see above) after taking an ”OPK”.

If you got a negative pregnancy test, then you “POAS” (peed on a stick), got a “BFN” (Big Fat Negative).

Confused yet?

At Fertility Authority, we recommend our site, FertileThoughts, dedicated to both supporting you through your TTC journey and helping you translate these abbreviations. The page with acronyms can be found by clicking here.

Whether you are dealing with infertility, looking to adopt, living childfree or considering a surrogate , FertileThoughts has several forums where you can connect with others who can relate… or at the very least, translate what “VBAC” means. (Pssst… it’s “vaginal birth after cesarean section”).

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