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PCOS Is a Fertility and Metabolic Problem

Polycystic ovary syndrome, or PCOS, is a hormone disorder that has been misunderstood, underdiagnosed and undertreated for many years, according to Rashmi Kudesia, MD, a fertility doctor with RMA of New York. “We now know that PCOS is not only a fertility concern, but also a metabolic disorder.”

In the most inclusive definition of PCOS, women experience a combination of the following:

  • Not ovulating regularly
  • Having high levels of male hormones (androgens)
  • And/or having ovaries with a classic “polycystic” appearance on ultrasound.

Approximately one out of ten women in the United States may suffer from the condition, but even when diagnosed, many women do not receive the full breadth of appropriate counseling, testing and treatment. However, as awareness of PCOS has becomes more widespread, appropriate care is being provided at an earlier age and its most challenging aspects are beginning to be addressed.

A strong partnership between a woman and her doctor, resulting in good lifestyle choices and appropriate counseling and care, can prevent PCOS from standing between a patient and her goals of achieving successful pregnancies and ongoing good health!

For more on PCOS, its relationship to infertility and related metabolic complications, read Dr. Kudesia’s blog.

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