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Love Your Ob/Gyn? You Can Fall for Your Fertility Doctor, Too!

I know a lot of women just adore their obstetrician/gynecologists. Great OB/Gyns, along with dentists, mechanics and, I'm told, veterinarians, fall into that elite category of: "If I move away, I'd rather drive 12 hours and stay overnight at a hotel to go to them, than take a chance on somebody new."

So when is it okay to ditch your OB/GYN who's touched the lives (and other parts) of you, your sister, mother and girlfriends? How do you abandon someone who — as everyone keeps reminding you — delivered YOU?

Well, you're not ditching them. You're simply venturing into a field that a different doctor specializes in more than they do.

Most Ob/Gyns have good advice to give about fertility. And it's probably a fantastic idea to start asking questions with someone whom you trust and feel comfortable talking to, and who knows you inside and out (literally, I'm afraid).

But remember that fertility doctors, also known as reproductive endocrinologists (REs), are Ob/Gyns who then continued their education and training in the specialty of infertility.

So, you love your mechanic, but you need a transmission specialist. Or you love your dentist, but you need a root canal specialist.

Don't think of seeing a fertility doctor as abandoning your trusty Ob/Gyn. There's still plenty for your Ob/Gyn to do, namely take care of you when you "graduate" from your RE

If you need help finding a fertility doctor, contact our Patient Care Advocates at (855) 955-2229, or fill out this online form.

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