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What NOT to Say to Someone Dealing with Infertility

We've all been there. Friends and family unintentionally say the wrong thing to you when you're struggling with infertility. Maybe you want to pass this on, or post it on social media.

Tips on what NOT to say to someone with infertility:

  1. Stop thinking about it and it will happen. Advising someone to stop thinking probably just makes them think more!
  2. Why don’t you just adopt? We’re not Angelina and Brad you know. The last time we heard, adoption can be a long and emotional process and may not be right for every couple.
  3. You’re still young. Younger or older, women any age can be affected be infertility, and that advice won’t make you feel any better if you’ve been trying for years.
  4. Why don’t you just try _____ (fill in the blank). Chances are, you’ve tried it several times and it didn’t seem to work.
  5. I once had a friend who got pregnant after she adopted. Good for your friend!
  6. Why don't you just relax?

Relaxing won't get me pregnant