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Unexplained Infertility

Imagine this. You have been trying to conceive for six months to one year without any luck. Your primary care physician or Ob/Gyn has referred you to a fertility doctor (reproductive endocrinologist), and you have been through a number of different fertility tests and feel like an infertile guinea pig.

You are hoping your fertility doctor doesn’t find anything wrong with you or your partner. The test results come back ... Negative. So why in the world are you disappointed? When the doctor can find nothing wrong with either partner, it can feel both relieving and upsetting.

Unexplained infertility can be a difficult diagnosis, and you are likely to feel frustrated that you have no definitive answers. It's natural to want an answer in order to find a solution, but sometimes that just isn’t the case. Try to remember that testing negative can be a very good thing, and just because you don’t have an answer right now doesn’t mean you won’t find the solution later on. Your fertility doctor will develop an individualized treatment plan.

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