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PCOS Myths and Facts

PCOS is common disorder that can lead to infertility and a host of other complications. In honor of PCOS Awareness month, we want you to test your PCOS knowledge. Can you identify which of the following statements are myths and which are facts?

1. I have PCOS therefore I am never going to be able to get pregnant.

2. I would know if I had PCOS.

3. An ultrasound did not show any cysts on my ovaries, so I don’t have PCOS.

4. My mother or sister has PCOS, so I am more likely to.

5. All women with PCOS are overweight.

6. Losing weight can improve my chances of becoming pregnant, even with PCOS.

7. There is no cure for PCOS.

And the answers are…

1. MYTH. Some women with PCOS are able to become pregnant naturally, many more are able to become pregnant with simple fertility treatments and others get pregnant with IVF. Your fertility doctor will make recommendations and work with you on a treatment plan.

2. MYTH. For some women PCOS symptoms are obvious, but for others they are not. The reason is that PCOS is associated with a wide range of sometimes-vague symptoms. If you are having trouble becoming pregnant and have any PCOS symptoms, talk to your fertility doctor about tests to explore the possibility of PCOS.

3. MYTH. Some women do not show cysts on their ovaries but have other symptoms that lead to them being diagnosed and treated for PCOS. Other women have cysts on their ovaries but do not have PCOS. The presence of cysts are only part of the picture.

4. FACT. There seems to be a genetic component to PCOS.

5. MYTH. Many women with PCOS are overweight, but thin women can have PCOS too. Talk to your fertility doctor if you have signs and symptoms of PCOS.

6. FACT. Losing as little as 5 percent of your body weight can help balance your hormone levels and improve your fertility. For many women with PCOS, a diet with a low glycemic index may be the most beneficial way to lose weight, because of the their bodies process insulin.

7. FACT. While there is no cure for PCOS, there ARE treatments that can improve your health and fertility.

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