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Pass Me a Dictionary

As if getting pregnant isn’t complicated enough, how about trying to understanding all of those fertility acronyms? It’s like listening to another language!

When you start to TTC and go off BCP, you want a BFP but end up getting a BFN because AF has arrived. You may want to see an RE who will give you an HSG and your DH an SA test and later send you for an IUI, IVF or FET to get that BFP.

Understand? Sometimes it feels like you need your own fertility dictionary just to understand those acronyms. Maybe you’re charting your BBT, checking for CM or on your CD #1. Maybe you have PCOS and ENDO or are interested in DE or DI. Or perhaps you have no idea what we just said. But we know you'll figure it out soon enough!

To help you along, check out our Fertility Acronym Guide on

It’s a learning curve all right, and you’re doing great!