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Fertility Authority Reminds You to do Your Self-Exam!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month. With so many of us in the throes of fertility treatment, it is difficult to take the time out to do the all-important breast self-exam. You know. The one on the laminated instruction card hanging next to your loofa and razor? Or did you throw it on a bookshelf somewhere? Yep. That one.

We simply must do it!

For women already diagnosed with breast cancer, it is important to address a few things with a fertility specialist, like preserving your fertility through egg freezing before enduring chemotherapy or other types of treatment that may compromise ovarian function. Never fear! Egg freezing is very similar to the initial stages of IVF, and includes taking hormones to develop and mature eggs in your ovaries, egg extraction, and freezing. When you are ready to start trying to conceive, the frozen eggs will be thawed, fertilized, and transferred back into your uterus - a process that feels no different than your annual pap smear.

If you haven’t started the conversation with a fertility doctor yet, you can contact us to find a reputable doctor in your area for you- at no cost to you!

Remember, fertility preservation is a vital component of the cancer treatment process.

Watch as Dr. William Schoolcraft of Colorado Center for Reproductive Medicine assures us that “fertility treatment doesn’t cause breast cancer”, but since estrogen in a fertility treatment cycle can potentially impact existing tumors, it is “nice to know you are starting treatment without silent or small tumors. Therefore, a screening mammogram is a good way to rule that out”:

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