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A New Year: Increasing Your Chance of Reproductive Success

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If your goals for the year have more to do with adding a new addition to the family than losing weight or quitting a habit, it may be time to consult a reproductive specialist and discuss a customized plan to increase your chances of reproductive success. The medical issues that need to be addressed when a woman is struggling to conceive are real, and often require the assistance of an experienced reproductive endocrinologist. Focusing on small changes can boost your overall health, may facilitate conception and ease stress that often accompanies the fertility journey. A new blog by Beth A. McAvey, MD, of Reproductive Medicine Associates of New Yorkoffers six steps that you can take to boost your chances of reproductive success:

  1. Reduce Alcohol and Caffeine Consumption
  2. Go Organic
  3. Stop Smoking
  4. Up Your Nutritional Game
  5. Pay Attention to Body Fat: Plus and Minus
  6. Nourish the Mind Too

To read Dr. McAvey's full blog, click here.

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