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$5,000, $10.000 for Fertility Treatments?

So, everyone's warned you: If you go for fertility treatments it's going to cost A FORTUNE!! So how are you planning to handle all of the expenses?

  1. Whine to daddy? "Pleeeeeez. I promise I'll name the baby after your favorite Aunt Rose even if she is mean."
  2. Ask your boss for a $10,000 raise? (I wouldn't mention all the fertility doctor appointments you're going to need time off for in the same conversation.)

So, if daddy won't write the check, and your boss, well, laughs in your face, where will the money come from?

First, don't assume that you will incur all of the expenses you hear about. While the fertility treatments may not be easily affordable for most, you may very well not even need the most expensive ones like in vitro fertilization (IVF). Despite what you hear, most people don't.

If you do need to scrape together the big bucks (and putting on a bikini in the middle of winter and holding a car wash isn't your style), consider these options:

  1. Check with your insurance. They may not cover infertility, but they may cover procedures for problems that could be causing (wink wink) your infertility, such as endometriosis. They may also agree to an individual contract with your doctor even if that doctor doesn't take your insurance.
  2. Check with your state. Some require insurance companies to cover some aspects of fertility treatments. Some may even have their own assistance plans. I took great advantage of the unique one in New York State. (Yes, I sucked them dry.)
  3. Google your butt off. There are smaller, private grants out there. Of course. with the economy being what it is, some programs are being cut — but be persistent!
  4. Don't assume rates are set in stone! Talk with the financial person at the fertility clinic. Some give you deals if they think you?re a good candidate for IVF. But many will work with you on the price even if you aren't.
  5. Check out the FertilityAuthority section on fertility treatment costs.

The point is: Ask questions. Don't be shy. I mean I understand about you not wanting to do the bikini-in-winter car wash thing — I wouldn't do it either. Well, I might — people would probably pay me a lot of money to put on a coat.