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All the Single Ladies ...

You know that Beyonce song ...

“All the single ladies (struggling with infertility), now put your hands up!”

OK, it's highly unlikely Beyonce will ever do a song calling out to all the infertile single ladies. And if you are single and infertile, you may feel like you are the only woman in the world who is without a partner and struggling with infertility.

But we're here to tell you: You are NOT the only one. Read the Single Infertile Female (SIF) blog at FertilityAuthority, written by a fantastic young woman who documents her fertility journey through the eyes of a single woman. SIF is here to tell you that you might be single, but you should never feel alone!

We're pretty certain that you are a strong woman, and there are many other fabulous single ladies out there going through the same thing. So when Beyonce's song comes on, get up and proudly sing and dance knowing that you are a fabulous single on her journey toward motherhood.